The Study Area for the Box Hill Built Form Guidelines (BHBFG) encompasses Built Form Precincts F and C as identified within the Structure Plan (refer to figure 3).

The Built Form Guidelines (BHBFG) have been prepared for the City of Whitehorse. The scope of these Guidelines is to consider the overall urban structure and appropriate built form controls that can work

in tandem with the trajectory of emerging development within the Box Hill Metropolitan Activity Centre. In the absence of any existing statutory height limit or an overall documented vision for future urban form (of Precinct F in particular), the Guidelines seek to make recommendations on development scale and typology for each sub precinct within the Study Area.

The scope of these Guidelines does not include a review or recommendations for those areas that are not identified within the Study Area. It also does not seek to duplicate provisions relating to internal spatial arrangement, or those provisions addressed by the State Government Better Apartments Design Standards.

In addition, the scope of this report broadly analyses the extent of maximum development capacity of the Study Area. Therefore, considering the ‘high level’ nature of these Guidelines, additional ‘fine grain’ analyses will be necessary to consider requirements for soft/ hard infrastructure capacity and public realm improvements in the longer term which will result from future development.