Privacy Policy


The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) affecting the Private Sector came into effect on 21 December 2001. The Act sets out a series of obligations detailing how private sector organisations must handle personal information collected about an individual. The Privacy Act applies to all organisations with an annual turnover in excess of $3 million or organisations that act on behalf of such organisations.

The Act implements the National Privacy Principles (NPP), which set out how private sector organisations should collect, use, disclose and store personal information, as well as the right of individuals to access and correct the information.

Centro’s Privacy Policy

Centro’s Privacy Policy has been issued to make you aware of the organisation’s procedures regarding the handling of personal and sensitive information, including collection, use, disclosure and storage of information, as well as the right of individuals to access and correct that information.

Centro will comply with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 at all times.

Centro will ensure that individuals are advised of Centro’s identity whenever personal information is collected.

Centro will ensure that an individual is advised of the consequences of not providing the requested information (via the respective individual collection statements).

Centro will ensure the individual is advised (via the respective individual collection statements) of the type of organisation that may be provided with the collected information. Organisations to which Centro discloses information may include insurers, solicitors and mailing houses.

Centro will not provide personal information to third parties (such as solicitors, mailing houses, insurers etc) without the prior consent of the individual providing the information

.Centro will only collect and use information for the purpose expressed to the individual at the time of collection (via the respective individual collection statements). Organisations to which Centro discloses information may include insurers, solicitors and mailing houses.

Centro will destroy any personal information collected, either once its need has been met or as prescribed by Law.

Centro will ensure that all personal information remains secure from unauthorised access.Centro will ensure that an equitable and unbiased complaint process is available to all individuals. The Privacy Officer, an internally appointed position, will oversee this process. Centro will ensure that where a complaint cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved, the matter will be referred unhindered to the Federal Commissioner of Privacy for action.

Centro will make available to an individual on receipt of a formal request, the personal information collected from that individual. Centro reserves the right to refuse a request to access personal information, where the identity of the individual making the request is in doubt, or where legal professional privilege exists or where Centro’s rights may be prejudiced.

Centro will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the personal information it has collected from an individual remains correct and accurate.

Updating Our Privacy Statement

This Privacy statement may be updated from time to time so we recommend you review this information on a regular basis.

Questions about Privacy

If you have any complaints or queries about the privacy of, or access to, your personal information, or require a copy of our privacy policy, please contact our Privacy Officer in writing at the address below:

Privacy Officer
Centro Properties Group
The Glen Shopping Centre
235 Springvale Road
Glen Waverley Vic. 3150

If your complaint or query is not resolved by us to your satisfaction, you may write to the Privacy Commissioner at GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW.


Information that may identify you as a user may be gathered during your access with our website and this policy statement details how such information is collected, stored and used.

Collection and use of information by Centro

Centro does not directly collect information from users of the website. Your email address will not be recorded unless you send us a message. It will not be automatically added to a mailing list.

Centro does not try to identify users or their browsing activities except, in the event of an investigation, where a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect the service provider’s logs.

Where you contact us we may store information such as your name, company, postal address, telephone number, type of request and possible further information to enable us to respond to your request. We will only use such personal information for the purpose for which it has been provided.

We will not provide your information to any organisation outside the Centro Properties Group nor will we send you information related to our products without your approval.

Collection and use of information by Service Providers

Centro’s share registry (ASX Perpetual Registrars Limited) may collect information from users of their website on our behalf. Where such information is collected, the share registry will request the information from your directly. Neither the registry nor Centro will release your personal information to anyone outside the Centro Group without your permission.

We recommend you review the Privacy Statement contained on the ASX Perpetual Registrars Limited website to obtain full details of the company’s privacy policy.


A ‘cookie’ is a piece of information that allows the server to identify and interact more effectively with your computer. The cookie assists us in identifying what our users find interesting on our website.

When you use our website we allocate you a unique identification number (cookie). A cookie will be allocated each time you use our website. The cookie does not identify you as a user in our data collection process. It does identify your Internet Service Provider.

You can configure your web browser to reject cookies but you then may not be able to use all or part of our website.