Shopping Guide For Box Hill Central’s Customers

Shop by brand

If you want to shop by brand, then there are a few things you need to keep in mind to help you get the best deal. First, it makes sense to make your purchases on a Wednesday because that is the day of the week when the best deals are available. Other than Wednesday, you should also try to make your purchases on a Thursday or Friday because that is when the vendors offer items on sale and at a discount.

Ask for promo codes

If you are planning to buy your items online, then be sure to speak to the customer service representative and ask him or her whether they can provide you with a promo code. Many times, they have access to certain deals that are otherwise hard to find.

Negotiate a better price

When shopping by brand, keep in mind that a sale price is not always the best price. So, it makes sense to shop around. Make sure you have the item number and model number of a product and then check the price at different places to see which one is offering you the best price.

Look for price match guarantees

When you see a sales advertisement, you may notice the ad says the item on sale is available in limited quantities. If you are trying to buy a product that is hard to find, then ask the seller if they will hold the item for you. Also, there are many vendors that offer a price match guarantee. It pays to buy from these vendors as if you can show them a lower price, they will be forced into offering you that or a better price.

Negotiate a better price

When you see the price tag, keep in mind that sometimes the price is not negotiable but there is no harm in trying to negotiate a better price. Of course, there are items that have fixed prices but if you come across a store that is selling items that are cosmetically not in good shape, there is no harm in haggling for a lower price.

Patience pays

Also, it makes sense to wait until you really do need an item. By waiting a little bit, you may be able to buy the item at a discounted price when a sale is on. This is especially the case when shopping for electronic items. When new models are released, the old ones are often sold at a discounted price. So, waiting a bit makes sense as you never know when you will be able to buy an older model for a lower price.

Look for coupon codes

Also, it makes sense to hunt around for a coupon code. If you are Internet-savvy, then you can look for a coupon at a site like eBay. If you are shopping online then look for an online store and search the internet to see if there are any coupon codes available for that store.

Finally, if you are the type of buyer who normally buys from a store, you should expand your horizons by looking for alternatives. The more you look around, the easier it becomes for you to find a store that is selling an item you need at a price you are willing to pay.

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